1: Decadence and Degeneration

2: Presentisms

3: Futurities


Mirjam Hinrikus (Tallin University): A Sharpening of Time Consciousness in the Discourse of Decadence: the Case of Estonian Writer A.H. Tammsaare (1878-1940) -- video

Maria Stavrinaki (University of Paris 1): Dada Presentism: A Snapshot of Art Wrestling with History -- video

Anna-Katharina Gisbertz  (University of Mannheim): The Future of the Futurists: On Der Sturm and Döblin -- video


Aleide Vanmol (KU Leuven): 20th-Century Traditional Regionalism by French Aristocratic Writers: A Waning Imagery of (Be)longing -- video

Patrick Lhot (University of Aix Marseille): Presentism(s). On the Impact of Salomon Friedländer -- video

Caroline Pollentier (University of Paris 3): American Pragmatism and Virginia Woolf's Prophetic Futures


Jordi Larios (Queen Mary University of London): Female Bodies and the Ravages of Cyclical Time in Llorenç Villalonga's Fiction -- video

Rosalind McKever (University of Sussex): Future Imperfect: the Presentist Temporality in Early Italian Futurist Manifestos -- video

Helen Palmer (Goldsmiths, University of London): Accelerate, Interpenetrate, Advance and Retrench: The See-Sawing Frontier of a Futurist Poetics -- video



4: On Nostalgia

5: Simultaneities

6: Revolution and Utopianism


Niklas Salmose (Linneaus University): Modernism and Nostalgia -- video

Leila Ghaleh Taki (Shahid Chamram University of Ahvaz): The Conception of Time in the Poetry of Paul Éluard -- video

David Ayers (University of Kent): Revolutionary Time -- video


Katy Masuga (Skidmore College, Paris): The Walls of Shakespeare and Company, Paris -- video

Natasha Ryan (Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris): The Temporal Kaleidoscope: Time in the Poetry of Guillaume Apollinaire, Blaise Cendrars, and Hope Mirrlees -- video

Monica Jansen (Utrecht University) and Luca Somigli (University of Toronto): Futurism on the Threshold of Modernity and Tradition: The Time-Space of Utopian Futurism versus the Time-Space of Arte Sacra -- video


Rebecca Friedman (Florida International University): Antique Clocks, Gentry Estates, and Nostalgic Vistas -- video

Michał Wenderski (Adam Mickiewicz University): (Non-)simultaneity in European Constructivism -- video

Ben Hickman (University of Kent): Communism and Modernism: the Case of Louis Zukofsky -- video



7: Myth and the Time of Alchemy

8: Grammars of Time in the Russian and European Avant-Gardes

9: Invited Speakers' Talks


Benedikt Hjartarson (University of Iceland): Travels in Ethernity: Pataphysical Temporality, Aesthetic Science and the Esoteric Tradition -- video

Vladimir Feshchenko (Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences): (Mis)understanding Time: Tense Forms in Gertrude Stein's and Alexander Vvedensky's Poetic Grammar -- video

Sara Danius (University of Stockholm): Black Socks, Green Threads: Modernism, Fashion and the Tests of Time


Tessel Bauduin (Radboud University, Nijmegen): Medieval Surrealism - Surrealist Medievalism: the Case of Hieronymus Bosch -- video

Dennis Ioffe (Ghent University): Surrealist Messengers of Time: Chronotopoi of Disruption in Kharms and Artaud -- video

Enda Duffy (University of California, Santa Barbara):Rush: Adrenaline, Stress, and the Modernist Timetable -- video


Ivan Hristov (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences): The Concept of Time and Identity in the Bulgarian Literary Modernism of the 1920s -- video

Konstantin Dudakov-Kashuro (Moscow State (Lomonosov) University): Backward Futurisms: Archaic Structures in Italian and Russian Futurist Temporalities -- video

Laura Marcus (New College, University of Oxford): Urban Time, Daily Time: From the City Symphony to Mass Observation -- video



10: Temporality in Surrealism and Beyond: Art, Cinema, Theory

11: Messianic Time

12: Time, Body, Gender


Joyce Suechun Cheng (University of Oregon): Avant-Garde Temporality of the Image -- video

Karolina Szymaniak (Jewish Historical Institute):  Geometries of time. Temporalities of Modern Life in Debora Vogel’s Work

Anna Orhanen (King's College London): Breathing Time: the Imagery of Breathing and the Invisibility of Change in Proust and Rilke -- video


Alma Mikulinsky (Ryerson University): Progressing Backward and Retreating Forward: André Breton's Surrealist Temporality -- video

Sami Sjöberg (Kone Foundation - KU Leuven): Messianic Time in Jewish Avant-Garde Poetry of the 1940s: The Cases of Yvan Goll and Isodore Isou -- video

Robin Vogelzang (KU Leuven): "Savage loud": Radio Time and the Radio Body in Muriel Rukeyser's Savage Coast -- video


Abigail Susik (Willamette University): Surrealism and Cinematic Time: Hans Richter's Vormittagsspuk (1927-1928) -- video

Arne De Winde (KU Leuven): Re-interpreting Spengler’s End of Times. -- video

Ery Shin (University of Oxford): Queer Time and the Body in Gertrude Stein



13: Relative Time: The Perspectives of Science

14: Experiments with Time in Russian Modernism

15: Ecological Time


Francis X. Altomare (Florida Atlantic University): Time after Time: Modernist Representations of Temporality in the Wake of Einstein, Dunne, and Bergson -- video

Anke Hennig (Free University of Berlin): The Rise of the Present Tense Novel in Russian Modernism (Bely and Tretyakov) -- video

Ben de Bruyn (KU Leuven): The Rustle of Perpetual Movement. Exomodernism and Jacquetta Hawkes's Geopoetry -- video


Johanna Wagner (Maastricht University): Massive Gravitational Pull: Robin's Disorienting Time in Djuna Barnes' Nightwood -- video

Ioulia Podoroga (University of Geneva): Reconstructing the Past: the Century of Osip Mandelstam -- video

Jesse Matz (Kenyon College): William Faulkner. Time Ecologist -- video


Johanne Mohs (Hochschule für Künste, Bern): Elevators and Relativity. The Relation of Space and Time in Elevator Scenes from Marcel Proust and Albert Einstein

Fiona Biörling (Lund University): Rhythm, Temporality and Transcendence: Sofia Gubaidulina in Homage to Marina Tsvetaeva -- video

Andy Wimbush (University of Cambridge): Beckett's Paleolithic Profounds -- video



16: Bergsonisms

17: Geotemporalities

18: Deep Time


Clément Girardi (Paris-Sorbonne University): 'Terrorist' Bergson: the Opening of a New Temporality? -- video

Jennifer Somie Kang (University of Minnesota): Unevenness and Progress: Conrad's Representation of the Periphery and Modernist Geotemporalities -- video

Julian Wolfreys (University of Portsmouth): No Time Like the Present: Memory, Temporality and Perception -- video


Dmitri Tokarev (Russian Academy of Sciences, St Petersburg): The Impact of Henri Bergson's Theory of Time and Memory on Russian Modernist Writers in Paris -- video

Christina Britzolakis (University of Warwick): Re-reading Modernist Geotemporalities from Europe's Peripheries in Woolf's Post-War Fiction -- video

Jan Vanvelk (KU Leuven): Deep Time and H.G. Wells' Literary Sociology


Ivan Radeljković (University of Sarajevo and University of Paris 8): Between Bergson's 'Duration' and Bachelard's 'Poetic Instant': Simultaneity in the Poetry of Apollinaire, Cendrars and Reverdy -- video

Ozen Nergis Dolcerocca (New York University): Haunting Clocks of Modernity: The Treatment of Time in Robert Walser and A.H. Tanpinar -- video

Sarah Posman (Ghent University): Charles Olson on the Yucatán Peninsula (not) Looking at Europe -- video



19: Collage and Heterochronia

20: Being in Time

21: Narrative Time


Magda Dragu (Indiana University, Bloomington): A Transmedial Inquiry into the Early Avant-Garde Collage Spatiotemporal Distortions -- video

Erwin Kessler (Bucharest University & Romanian Cultural Institute): The Advent of the Present and the Invention of Presence. Tristan Tzara in Bucharest until November 1915 -- video

Erica Wickerson (University of Cambride): The Time-Being: Telling Times through Space in Selected Works by Thomas Mann


Elza Adamowicz (Queen Mary University of London): 'Fin et suite': Temporalities of the Surrealist Collage-Novel -- video

Melania Stancu (Bucharest University): Time and Metaphor in the Spanish Avant-Garde: Benjamín Jarnés -- video

Ian Maclachlan (Merton College, University of Oxford): Literary Time at a Turning-Point: Maurice Blanchot and Narrative -- video


Andreas Kramer (Goldsmiths, University of London): Flights Out of Time: Dada's Heterochronic Prose -- video

Karen Mac Cormack (SUNY, Buffalo): Spilling Split Seconds: Cunard's Parallax, Aldington's Phantasmagoria and GMT -- video

Jobst Welge (University of Konstanz): Instant and Identity in the Narrative Poetics of André Gide -- video



22: Time-Images: Moving & Still

23: Chronographies

24: On Tense


Katarzyna Trzeciak (Jagiellonian University): The Time of Sculpture, Sculpture of Time. Sculpture as a Metaphor of Time in Apollinaire's Stories -- video

Daniel Acke (VUB-Brussels): Antagonistic Viewpoints on Time in Narratives of Spiritual Experience (French Literature of the 1940s) -- video

Alice Gavin (Berlin Institute of Cultural Inquiry): Tensed -- video


Steve McCaffery (SUNY, Buffalo): Frame-Time: Variant Cinematic Temporalities in Gertrude Stein and Bob Brown -- video

Ioanna Ragkousi (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens): Anachronisms, Anatopisms and Technology in Barnes and Stein

Sabine Zubarik (University of Erfurt): Time Astray: Unreliable Chronography in Flann O'Brien's Novel The Third Policeman -- video


Elfriede Wiltschnigg (University of Graz): "If in the dream realm time stands still …": Alfred Kubin's Die andere Seite 

Veijo Pulkkinen (Academy of Finland): Time and Typography in Aaro Hellaakoski's Jääpeili

Lorella Bosco (Università degli Studi di Bari "Aldo Moro"): Flight Out of Time to the 'Fundamental' (zum Grunde): Hugo Ball's Diaries -- video



25: Modernist Chronotopes

26: Architectures of Time

27: Temporal Objects


Evgeny Pavlov (University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand): Time Travel after H.G. Wells in the Land of Kremlin Dreamers: Sigismund Krzhizhanovsky's 'Time Cutter' -- video

Nadia Sels (Antwerp University) and Kris Pint (University of Hasselt): 'Energies of history' in Modernism: the Case of Casa Malaparte -- video

Juliana Lopoukhine (Paris-Sorbonne University): On Board Omnibuses: Exploring the Thresholds of Time in Virginia Woolf's Novels -- video


Tintti Klapuri (University of Turku): Narrative Temporality and Subjectivity in Boris Pilniak's The Naked Year 

Pieter Verstraeten (KU Leuven): Modern Interiors, Diverging Temporalities. The Literary Representation of Domestic Interiors as Sites of Negotiation Between Temporal Regimes -- video

Donata Meneghelli (University of Bologna): Clocks, Calendars, and Other Objects to Master Time in Modernism


Liisa Steinby (University of Turku): Time, Space and Subjectivity in Kafka's Amerika: the Chronotope of 'Unmündigkeit'

Rajesh Heynickx (LUCA School of Arts): Transit. On Hotel Lobbies -- video

Jun Tanaka (University of Tokyo): Futuristic Archaism or Archaic Futurism: Gilbert Clavel's Vision of Time in Das Teleskop -- video



28: Histories of Time - Histories of Writing

29: Visual Literary Historiography

30: Nachträglichkeiten


Harri Veivo (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle): An Archipelago of Time Zones. Time and Space in the Reception of the Historical Avant-Gardes -- video

Virginie Pouzet-Duzer (Pomona College): The 1947 Surrealist Exhibition: a Stage for Literary History -- video

Iisa af Ursin (University of Turku): Dream-Time. Surrealism in Julio Cortázar's Short Stories


Benedikts Kalnačs (Liepāja University, Latvia): Time in Early-20th-Century Latvian Literature -- video

Anne Reverseau (KU Leuven): The Surrealist Pêle-Mêle: Picturing Literary History -- video

Richard Parker (University of Gaziantep, Turkey): Belated Modernism: Ezra Pound and Objectivist Verse


Regina Samson (Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg): Jorge Luis Borges, César Vallejo: Avant-Garde Time Models Beyond the Avant-Garde

Mathilde Labbé (Paris-Sorbonne University): The Portrait: Matisse and Paul Eluard paint/write Baudelaire -- video

Juri Joensuu (University of Jyväskylä): Zero Degree of Reading. Strategies of Nollapiste -- video